Founded in 1995, Shanghai Director and Manager Resources Co.,Ltd (SDMR) is a HR service firm renowned both in domestics and abroad. For more than a decade, we have been serving a large number of clients, and have formed an operating mode with our own feature and international convention as well.

We have formed a well-established high-level-candidate database and network, together with a scientific assessment and evaluating system. We also have advantage in experienced consultant troop and ex-firm expert support. With good effectiveness and high efficiency, we provide excellent service to meet our clients' satisfaction.

We integrate the advantage of tradition, other's strongpoint and self-innovation to provide high quality human resource development service. We make our efforts to help talents to improve and find new development platform. Our goal is future success of our clients, candidates and ourselves together.

While mainly focused in executive search, we also provide education & training service, personnel management service, and human resource dispatch service. SDMR has set up two professional subsidiary companies including Shanghai International Multisearch Co., Ltd., Shanghai Intelligence Human Resource Service Co., Ltd.

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